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Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Injury Treatment in Downer’s Grove

Between the sprains, strains, and stress associated with physical activity, sports injury is incredibly common. Here at True Health Family Chiropractic, we understand how debilitating these injuries can be. We help Downer’s Grove, IL, fitness gurus, sports-lovers, and gym-goers reclaim lost mobility, offering some of the most advanced sports injury treatment options around. 


Types of Sports Injuries

Because the physical activities involved with fitness are incredibly diverse, sports injuries are also diverse. While every patient’s injuries are unique, there are several which are common in those who play sports and exercise often.

Pinched Nerves

Nerves can become pinched due to spine, shoulder, or neck injuries sustained from sporting activities. While painful, they can certainly be treated. Often, many patients suffer pain from pinched nerve for a while before consulting a chiropractor.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are also common in the fitness world. When the neck is forcefully moved due to contact sports or some other kind of harsh jolt, whiplash is typically the result. When whiplash occurs, the spine around the neck region can become inflamed, causing pain and a reduced range of motion.

Sports Injury Symptoms

The symptoms of sports injuries tend to be similar to those caused by workplace injuries, auto injuries, and other high-impact injuries. When the body’s spine, neck, or shoulders are damaged, the following symptoms tend to occur soon after:

  • Inflammation
  • A burning, dull pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision

How Your Chiropractor Can Help

A sports-related injury might be incredibly painful, and it might reduce your mobility greatly, but there are always treatment options available. Your chiropractor can introduce you to comprehensive physical therapy, which targets the injured areas with noninvasive, restorative exercises, massages, and flexibility training.

Injury rehabilitation is different for everyone, but most patients see improvement in mobility, muscle weakness, pain, and swelling after seeking professional help. Major treatment options for sports injuries also include:

  • Spinal adjustment
  • Spinal decompression
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Cupping therapy
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Acupuncture

Reclaim Wellness in Downers Grove, IL

True Health Family Chiropractic has seen most sports-related injuries, and we’ve perfected the art of effective, long-lasting recovery practices. If you’ve been injured during exercise, a sporting competition or even during a sporting practice session, we can help.

Our professionals are highly trained in restoring patient mobility, flexibility, and comfort. We never rush rehabilitation programs, and we always outfit our patients with the knowledge needed to assure long-term wellness.

Give us a call at (630) 541-8861, and ask us about our treatment options. Between cupping therapy, acupuncture, flexibility exercises, and more, our treatment plans surpass all others. Set up your customizable recovery plan today, and let us help you reach your maximum physical potential.