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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care Services

A natural way of treating various issues affecting the spine, many choose chiropractors as their main method of correcting issues concerning the spine. Chiropractors can provide services that help to improve joint mobility, help improve muscle strength, decrease inflammation, and more. Rather than being stuck on long-term medications or having invasive surgeries, a chiropractor can help steadily improve your spinal condition.


Services Offered

Offering a variety of treatment techniques (including Logan Basic, Gonstead, and Activator). If you are seeking corrective care from chiropractic professional, our office offers treatments for the following conditions and issues:

  • Auto Injuries- No matter if you were involved in a minor or significant accident, you could have a long-term injury that requires medical intervention. We can provide you with the services necessary to recover from your injury and move forward with your life as usual.
  • Sports Injuries- No matter if they occur due to wear and tear or direct trauma, sports injuries can cause major issues within the spine. Rather than suffering through surgeries or using pain medications, visiting a qualified chiropractor can help get your life back on track.
  • Prenatal- Given the stress and strained a pregnancy can cause, spinal issues are common in prenatal women of all kinds. Rather than suffering your whole pregnancy due to a spinal issue or trying medications that can be potentially harmful to your unborn child, a qualified chiropractor can help get your spine back in line.
  • The Whole Family- If any member of your family is suffering from a spinal issue, we can help. We offer specialized care plans that assess each individual's unique needs and provides them with a way of attaining long-term relief.

For residents of Downers Grove, we are here to provide you with premium chiropractic care. Providing you with services, exercise plans, life advice, nutritional counseling, and more, here at Tre Health Family Chiropractor, we don't just focus on spinal injuries, but on your health as a whole. Providing our patients with a variety of treatment options as well as methods of becoming healthier overall, we take pride in the fact that we truly care for our patients who seek out our services for chiropractic care. No matter how minor or major your injury maybe, one of our qualified professionals can create a treatment plan to provide you with immediate as well as long-term relief. Simply stop in or give us a call to discuss your ailments and find out how we can start aligning your spine today.