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Sciatica Treatment by a Chiropractor That Fixes the Cause

Sciatica pain can be excruciating. The limiting effects of sciatica can greatly interrupt your life. Just treating the pain and other symptoms does little to change those consequences. What you need is to correct the root cause of the problem as well as treat the resulting symptoms. The quality care you will receive at TRU Health Family Chiropractic in Downers Grove, IL will accomplish just that. We will determine the cause of your sciatica and help to relieve you of the pain and muscle weakness it can cause. 


What and Where is the Sciatic Nerve?

Your sciatic nerve exits your spinal column in your lower back. It branches and runs through each side of your pelvis and down each leg. It is responsible for transmitting information between your brain and lower extremities. It serves a dual purpose of both feeling and movement in the muscles it controls. 

What Are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

Symptoms that something is affecting your sciatic nerve usually show on only one side of your lower body, but they can also affect both sides. They include:

  • Pain in your lower back
  • Lower back pain that extends over to your hip
  • Pain in the pelvis or buttocks
  • Sharp pain, tingling, and numbness in leg
  • Shooting pain and muscle weakness when trying to stand

Sciatica Treatment Provided by a Chiropractor

How a chiropractor treats your sciatica is determined by what is causing it and symptoms. Your chiropractor will not only just treat the symptoms, but getting to the cause is their primary mission. By correcting the cause and then treating your symptoms, a comprehensive approach is implemented to improve your health and life.

Spinal misalignment can put pressure on your muscles or sciatic nerve. The abnormal pressure on your muscles can cause swelling, putting pressure on the nerve. A vertebra out of alignment could also be pushing or rubbing against your sciatic nerve.

Your chiropractor will check your spine's alignment. Any vertebra out of alignment will be worked back into place. A herniated disc will be addressed similar to a misaligned vertebra. By adjusting the vertebra or herniated disc, aggravation of the sciatic nerve is removed, allowing it to heal. Massage therapy and muscle stimulation treatments will help to relieve any tension in the affected muscles and connective tissues. Targeted exercises and stretches will help you to regain your flexibility and strength. 

Acupuncture can be used to reduce inflammation. It also causes the body to release natural pain killers and endorphins. 

Comprehensive Treatment for Sciatica Leads to Success

A comprehensive treatment program leads to successful treatment of your sciatica. You can trust the caring staff at TRU Health Family Chiropractic in Downers Grove, IL to treat the cause of your problem. By using a combination of chiropractic care, targeted exercises, therapeutic treatments, and acupuncture, we will help to ease your pain and improve your overall health. Set up an appointment with us today.