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Pediatric Chiropractic

How Pediatric Chiropractic Care Can Help

When you consider the importance of a healthy spinal alignment for normal nerve function and musculoskeletal balance, the potential value of chiropractic evaluation and adjustment for children becomes clear. We are subjected to enormous spinal stresses quite literally from the moment we’re born, which is why many newborn babies display musculature injuries and spinal alignment problems. Tiny, gentle adjustments performed by a skilled, experienced pediatric specialist can correct these issues from day one so that they cannot interfere with the baby’s growth and development.

As babies progress into toddler-hood and beyond, they provide their own share of self-inflicted bumps and jolts to their spines, especially since learning to walk or run involves plenty of falling and stumbling. This is a normal part of growing up — but small, painless misalignment problems can begin to accumulate along the way.

These issues can eventually inhibit nerve function, affecting the body’s ability to control its immune response, organ systems, hormone levels and neurological signaling. These results can influence everything from childhood asthma and allergy attacks to learning disorders such as ADHD. Chiropractic treatment can help keep the spinal column straight and true, normalizing nerve function so that the body and brain can talk to each other efficiently, helping to reduce the frequency and severity of many childhood ailments.


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Musculature problems can continue to mount up as your children go through their school years. Contact sports pose a special threat to spinal health, even with pads and protective equipment. We recommend that the little athletes in your family undergo a spinal screening before every sports season just to make sure there are no small issues that could be jolted into larger ones on the playing field. Daily backpack use can also create spinal, muscular and nerve issues; we can advise you on how to minimize this problem for your child as well.


Last but not least, scoliosis commonly appears during this period of life — another strong reason to have your child’s spine evaluated periodically. The sooner we can diagnose a case a scoliosis, the earlier the condition can be assessed and, if need be, treated. Contact TRU Health Family Chiropractic to schedule chiropractic evaluations for your Downers Grove area kids